Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Some of our locations provide Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). CCRCs are multi-level care facilities that combine residential accommodations with health services for older adults.

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The goal of a CCRC is to allow residents to receive the appropriate level of care across a continuum, from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing care, as their health status changes and without having to move out of the retirement community.

As these communities provide multiple levels of care in one location, they’re considered the “one-stop shopping” of the retirement world and ensure your loved one is cared for through the end of their life. This makes CCRCs a good choice for single adults and for couples who wish to remain near each other, or loved ones, should one become ill and require more care than the other.

CCRCs offer a variety of rooms and apartments in a campus-like setting for independent or assisted living and a separate facility for short-term or long-term skilled nursing care.

This biggest benefit of these types of communities is residents can remain in the community, even if their health care needs change. Residents in independent or assisted living housing can move to the skilled nursing wing to receive short-term care following a serious illness or injury and then return to their room or apartment once they recover. As residents age and their health care needs increase, they can also move to a skilled nursing unit permanently to receive long-term, end-of-life care without having to move out of the community.